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Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden - Alumni US

Whether you’re feeling depressed, anxious or blue or just need someone to talk to, let’s see if I can help you. I am an English-speaking therapist based in Stockholm, Sweden. You can make an appointment with me via my Contact page. I also offer online therapy sessions for individuals and couples who live or travel abroad. You can learn more about these sessions here. Feeling down, stressed or out-of-touch with yourself? English Speaking Psychotherapist in Stockholm.

English speaking therapist stockholm

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English Speaking Psychotherapist in Stockholm. The Anxious or Blue Therapy Clinic provides psychotherapy to individuals and couples in a caring and  I am an English-speaking therapist and psychoanalyst. I provide psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in English and Swedish. My office is in central Stockholm.

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As an English-speaking couples counsellor working in Sweden I find that couples therapy isn’t always the answer to saving a marriage or other relationship. There are alternatives for dealing with conflict in relationships when couples counselling is not an option. 1. Find an English-Speaking Therapist and Access Your Own Support I’ve been providing counseling and therapy for English-speaking individuals and couples in Stockholm for over 10 years.

Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden - Alumni US

English, Swedish and Spanish speaking therapist. Clinical Psychologist (Peru), CBT and Schema therapist (Svenska Institutet för Kognitiv  Licensed Psychologist and PhD student at Stockholm University. (2019 and ongoing) and speech and language therapist-students (2020 and ongoing). Fuelled by this purpose, I faced my greatest fear — public speaking — and Profession: English language editor, spiritual companion. Stockholm, Sweden In my capacity as a counselor I also offer supportive dialogue in your writing  English speaking mental health therapist in Stockholm, Sweden Counselling and psychotherapy provided by a trained, experienced and competent English  Stockholm, Stockholm, SverigeFler än 500 kontakter Malin is a frequent a speaker at conferences on commercial law, IT, GDPR and Drafts agreements and negotiates mostly in English, since a majority of the clients either are English speaking or have English speaking partners. Cathleen Moulton Polarity Therapist.

English speaking therapist stockholm

You can meet with a counsellor on your own, with your partner, friend or a family member or colleague. Call 08-559 22 636 or send an email now to inquire about the next available appointment. I love living in Stockholm and working with the international community. I have a PhD in counseling, and am licensed in the United States as an independent, English-speaking: Marriage and Family Therapist; Clinical Counselor; I have over 25 years of experience providing counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families I am an English-speaking therapist and psychoanalyst. I provide psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in English and Swedish. My office is in central Stockholm.
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English speaking therapist stockholm

To use English effectively, you nee English is, ironically, the Lingua Franca, the tongue the world uses as a common language.

Swedes like to study and travel abroad, make friends, fall in love and many bring their partners back to their home country. I have a Bachelor of Science in occupational therapy and worked at a community mental health center in the United States before moving to Sweden. Research on Bilingualism. In Sweden I attended graduate school in education and received my PhD in 1981.
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We come from north and south and east and west and from many Christian traditions.